Ferry to Jávea from Denia (ONE WAY)

Transfer from Denia to Javea

Departure port: Denia
Duration: 50 minutes

Say goodbye to crowded roads and the hassle of finding a parking space. We will leave from the port of Denia towards Cabo de San Antonio. During the journey we will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of Las Rotas beach, as well as the Cova Tallada, a protected natural enclave of immense beauty. Thanks to a wide availability of hours, you can plan your round trip with the greatest possible comfort. Take your bike for free.


8 €




8 €

Choose a day and book your excursion online in 1 minute!


12 € Adults From the age of 13
10 € Seniors +65 years
8 € Childrensfrom 4 to 12 years
Free for children under 4 years old

Departure port: Denia
Duration: 50 minutes


  • JUN: X, S y D. Denia (11:30h). Jávea (15:30h)
  • JUL-SEP: every days Denia (11:30h). Jávea (15:30h)

It includes:

Free bike transport
A Catamaran tour
Crew and fuel

Important informacion:

  • We do not enter the Cova Tallada, we get as close as possible.
  • Drinks or food are not allowed on board.
  • Bar service on board. Consumptions will be paid by card.
  • A specific boat is not guaranteed.
  • Subject to availability.
  • For group reservations a minimum of 20 people is required.
  • Advance booking is essential.
  • The departures will be made with a minimum of 15 people.
  • All our excursions are subject to weather conditions.
  • It is essential to show up 30 minutes before for check-in.
  • Boarding closes 10 minutes before departure time

Book now an unforgettable experience sailing along the coast of Jávea on a catamaran!

Ferry Denia

If you are in Denia you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a walk through its crystalline waters on the ferry that we offer you.

Denia, an essential destination in southern Spain, is a small port town located on the slopes of Mount Montgó, between Alicante and Valencia on the Spanish coast.

Dominated by an ancient castle, Denia features a host of festivities throughout the year: the most popular festival called “Fallas” is held every March, where huge papier-mâché statues are placed throughout the town and then lit. fire, another festival worth visiting. is the popular “Bulls in the Sea” in July, a week-long festival with the renowned highlight of seeing the bulls run down the main “Marqués de Campo” street, only to be chased into the Mediterranean Sea by those who dare to enter an improvised bullring with them.

A ferry connection allows the traveler to go from one shore to the other, taking his own vehicle with him, which allows a high degree of mobility. There are special car ferries that carry not only passengers, but also their vehicles. Almost all of Europe can now be traveled by ferry.

The ferries can be differentiated according to the type of construction and also according to the type of operation or area of ​​application. Except for the transporter bridge, these are boats. As for passenger ferries, they differ from other passenger-carrying ships in that they focus on actual transportation; whether it be several moorings or a bank will be repeatedly tackled.

If we talk about a ferry station, we mean all the distant routes, ferries, piers and access roads. In order for a transition from the shuttle to shore to take place, landing flaps are used, for example, to be able to bridge shallow banks or to compensate for different load conditions and water levels.

Ferry Denia Jávea

Take advantage of the communication between Denia and Jávea by ferry and forget about traffic problems and having to find a place to park your car. With Boramar you have the option of leaving from the port of Denia towards Cabo de San Antonio.

Take advantage of the trip to enjoy the wonderful views that the Spanish beaches offer you. And thanks to its long hours you can enjoy the whole day knowing that you have a way to return without any problem. Also, you can take your bike for free!!

Jávea is known for its blue coastal waters, as it is a coastal town, Jávea is a perfect holiday destination

It is said to be a perfect example of a Mediterranean destination, as it has a wide variety of beaches and numerous adventures to choose from.

While you are in Jávea you can visit:

  • Cabo de la Nao, It consists of a hiking trail and beach. If you choose to go hiking, three restaurants await you on the cape. Once you’ve reached the top and want to take a restaurant break, another added feature is the incredible vantage points that stretch all the way to the Balearic Islands.
  • La Casa-Palacio de Antoni Banyuls, The house or palace of Antoni Banyuls, who was the royal butler of King Felipe II, was built with the native sandstone of Jávea, known as tosca.
  • Playa Arenal, every year it wins the Blue Flag for being the best beach in the world, since it has a high level of cleanliness and it shows.
  • Cova Tallada, explore the interior of the beautiful cave, where you can swim, kayak and/or snorkel. You can also take a guide with you to learn more about the rich history of this cave. Relax inside this impressively large, swimmable cave at sea level.
  • Cabo San Antonio. Cabo de San Antonio will surely put the finishing touch to your adventures in Jávea. A land filled with nature reserves, hikes, and parks, it is a nature lover’s paradise.

leave you here the ferry schedules from Denia to Jávea:

April and May: M, J, V, S y D.

Denia (10:30h, 12:30h, 16:30h). Jávea (11:30h, 13:30h, 17:30h)

June: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday . Denia (11:30h). Jávea (15:30h)

July to September: All the days Denia (11:30h). Jávea (15:30h)


In 50 minutes you can be in Jávea without having to deal with traffic or anything. The ferry gives you the possibility to arrive at a carefree point so that you can simply enjoy the moment. And as you will see below, they are modest prices compared to what gasoline is worth today.


12 € Adults From the age of 13

10 € Seniors +65 years

8 € Childrensfrom 4 to 12 years

Free for children under 4 years old

Ferry offer Denia Jávea

On the other hand, I recommend that you pay attention to our offers throughout the year. We want you to enjoy our journeys and that money is not an impediment.

Also remember that our ferries include free transport of bicycles, catamaran voyage and crew, and of course fuel.

Likewise, it is information to know that, if you come in a group, reservations require a minimum of 20 people and it is essential to make the reservation in advance. Tours will be conducted with a minimum of 15 people.

How long does the ferry take from Denia to Javea?

Boramar makes it easy to book a cheap ferry from Denia to Jávea. As I said above, in just 50 minutes you can be in Jávea from Denia. Te dejo here the link so you have more information and so you can make your reservation.

Definitely the ferry trip is the best option if what you are looking for is to spend a pleasant day with family or friends without worries. You just have to dedicate yourself to enjoying every moment

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