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Excursions Jávea

Jávea, also known in Valencia as Xàbia, is one of the largest tourist destinations in the Valencian Community, known for its wonderful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and delicious cuisine.

This coastal city is famous all over the world. Half of its inhabitants are foreigners and over the years it has become a popular tourist destination thanks to its incredible natural landscapes and its friendly international environment. Javea is a city that is situated between two rocky promontories and a wide bay.. The elevation of Javea Spain is 39 feet (12 m) from sea level. You’ll be glad to know that Javes really justifies his name.

If you are looking for a beautiful and quiet place to spend your holidays, Jávea is the perfect place for you! Because being there is synonymous with imagination and full of inspiration and will make your visit justified and you will understand why it is so unique. Javea is known as a small coastal town that boasts its beautiful promenade.

Javea has now become one of the most important tourist destinations in the region, in addition to its unique and exclusive excursions, which will allow you to visit beautiful sandy beaches and numerous small bays that invite you to sunbathe, swimming and other active ways to spend free time. And if you are one of those risky people, you can try diving, you will find paradisiacal conditions: crystal clear waters and an impressive variety of underwater species make each dive a unique experience. Also worth seeing during these excursions in Javea is the archaeological and ethnographic museum and the church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto, near the port.


As I have mentioned, this region is unique in Spain, so enjoying boat trips in Javea will ensure you enjoy a sunset.

Excursions can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund. It is important that you know that due to today’s conditions due to the virus, special health and safety measures are applied. During these excursions you will find flexible plans for which you must book your place immediately, because they sell out quickly.

Marvel at the sunset over the mountains, relax on a unique walk with sofas and chillout music. More in detail; There are plans at different times of the day, but as I mentioned, they run out. As a recommendation, I suggest you arrive 15 minutes before the activity begins. Redeem your voucher at the ticket office before the start of the boat tour in Javea. This will give you time to settle comfortably in the best place on the ship with your loved ones.

Boat trips in Javea

Join this experience and enjoy the views of the coast while it runs from a boat in Jávea. On this boat trip, you will go out and explore Javea’s coasts, you will also sail close to the coast, with views of Cabo San Martín and Cabo La Nao, a room with the best natural capes in the area. Then, get ready to dive in the crystal clear waters of the sea: the boat will make several stops for swimming and snorkeling, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural environment. For a few hours, it depends on whichJavea boat tourplan you choose, they usually last 2 and a half hours with a cost of 40 EUR and up.

Private boat tour

There are also private boat excursions, which are much more exclusive, since they are more durable, so you can enjoy exclusive sites or places in more detail during the trip. In addition to receiving the best care during it, including meals, stops at nearby sites or hotels and enjoying all its amenities and recreation centers for tourists. As you travel, you will also pass through the bay of Tangó and enjoy the views of the bay of Jávea and its port. It depends on the boat and the excursion plan you choose will have a value of 75 EUR and up.

It is not surprising that tourists during their stay in this region take thisprivate boat excursion, because it is a unique experience that is worth living during this visit. So on a personal basis I recommend it.

Boat trips from Javea

Generally, people tend to choose high-frequency tourist sites, such as Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, ​​among other relevant sites in Spain. However, there are many more that are not very mentioned and much less known, but that are worth visiting again and again, this is the case of Javea, you should not miss it if you get to set foot in Valencia. You will find an exclusive gastronomy, truly beautiful landscapes and a service with fantastic tour guides during the boat excursions.

Javea is without a doubt a unique place, which you cannot miss visiting and discovering its charms, especially through boat tours from Javea extending to all the corners of its surroundings, with the best company and the best service; which you can choose from the most basic to the most exclusive and private. So I recommend that you do not stop when you decide to visit this Mediterranean region of Valencia and all its tourist attractions.

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