Boat rental Valencia

¡Valencia! The third most populated city in Spain, which offers incredible museums, monuments, history, gastronomy, and, of course, beaches! Valencia witnesses thousands of tourists every year, who are going to clear their minds from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday stress, it’s your turn! With the boat rental in Valencia you can enjoy every corner of its beautiful beaches.

Navigate comfortably with us, you can also discover hidden coves, tour the Valencian Coast and much more on board a boat according to your needs. Do you want to escape the routine? Celebrate any occasion? Take a few days of relaxation? Boat rental in Valencia is an incredible option.

Boat rental without license Valencia

Spain regulations require a license to rent a boat in certain cases, but if you plan to rent a motor boat you can rent without a license. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a license or nautical experience! You can rent a boat without a license in Valencia.

Let yourself be carried away by the waves of the sea! Discover how beautiful the beaches of Valencia offer, each corner will fill you with tranquility, in addition, the connection with nature is unique. The festivities by the sea are not to be missed, are you going to miss the night of San Juan? Enjoy the beautiful Spanish culture near the sea. How about renting a boat in Valencia?

6 meter boat rental

If you want to venture to rent a 6-meter boat, we recommend you have all the necessary documentation. When the boats are more than 6 meters in length, by country regulations, certain experience and documentation are required to rent a 6-meter boat. Rent a boat in Valencia without a valid license, but with the forecasts taken

In the event that you do not have a license, it is very advantageous to sail with a captain, since he knows the entire area. You will see everything beautiful in Valencia when you arrive, but do not hesitate to discover much more than what is visible. The sea is infinite! Explore every inch of the beaches and live an unforgettable experience.

skippered boats

Renting a boat with a skipper in Valencia guarantees a pleasant experience, since the best guides will be in charge of showing you the smallest details of the charming beaches and best places in the entire coastal area of ​​Valencia. Are you going to miss it?

Take advantage of the browsing experience! Request a few brief instructions on how to control and have an incredible time. The attention will be exclusive and fully adapted to the plan you wish to carry out. We show you the beauty! While we witness your happiness.

Renting a boat in Valencia with a skipper is an excellent alternative. Come and let yourself go! Do not leave your moment of relaxation aside, let us take you to discover every impressive place in Valencia on a boat just for you, couple or family. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are your allies in boat rental in Valencia.

Rent a party boat Valencia

Sun, sand, sea, boat rental, food and drink. What more can we ask for the best party in Valencia? The best combination in a place so magical and appreciated by all Spaniards. Valencia shows excellence in its city and in its hidden beaches. Study Valencia very well! Rent a boat for the holidays in Valencia.

There are no excuses! You must rent a boat for a party in Valencia, where you will fall in love with the atmosphere and enjoy yourself like never before. Birthday? Goodbyes? Parties for no reason? Let’s see, who said that parties had to have a reason? Plan your party with us and rent a boat for a party in Valencia.

Rent private boat

Renting a private boat in Valencia can be ideal for more intimate occasions, be it a party, a farewell or an event with close people. We have the best offers to rent a private boat in Valencia. Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and, above all, the desire to have fun.

Enjoy the wonders of Valencia and its beaches with the people closest to you, renting a private boat you will have the best experience you will never forget. Sand, sun and sea are the perfect sum that results in total relaxation! Goodbye stress.


You can find the best prices for boat rental in Valencia at Boramar, with only €10 you will have a great ride along the most beautiful and magical beaches of Valencia. What are you waiting for? Don’t let the best offers go, make the most of the boat rental in Valencia.

Escape from your routine! Valencia desperately calls you with its waves so that you can enjoy a few days of relaxation next to nature. Ask us everything you want to know about boat rental prices in Valencia, we have more than 15 years offering quality services to everyone.

Boat rental in Valencia for a day

Are you exploring every corner of Spain? you cannot miss Valencia. Do not worry if you can only spend one day in this beautiful city, forget about everything, and enjoy the boat rental in Valencia for one day. As we have said throughout the article, we adapt to you!

How about exploring El Saler Beach? Ideal to spend a whole day on board. You will have just a couple of clicks to rent a boat in Valencia for one day, or if you prefer, call us, we will gladly assist you personally to guarantee that your day in Valencia is the best you will spend in all of Spain.

Rent the weekend

Do you want to start Monday with encouragement? Do you want to explore with your friends, but are bored of the same place? Any friend or relative birthday? What better way to spend a weekend on the shores of the best beaches in Spain, in Valencia!

You don’t need to find an excuse to take a weekend getaway to Valencia and rent a boat for a better experience. We are for you. We are all ears and accomplices to rent a boat for the weekend in Valencia. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today! Rent a boat in Valencia.