Boat rental Jávea

Renting a boat in Jávea will allow you to live an unforgettable experience, in addition, you will visit the entire north coast of the province of Alicante. Escape from the routine! You will be far from the beaches with infinite sand, explore much more just with the Jávea boat rental.

Jávea has the best places on the peninsula, you can not miss the great gastronomic, cultural and leisure variety that Jávea offers in its maximum splendor. Are you a lover of water sports? The visit to the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve will be your favorite stop, you cannot miss it!

We know very well the feeling that you begin to experience when we say “boat in Jávea” total relaxation, goodbye stress and train your eyes for all the landscapes and moments to enjoy. Learn more about boat rental in Jávea. What are you waiting for?

Jávea boat rental without license

In Jávea you will enjoy beaches, Mediterranean culture and delicious food You will be able to discover more about the history of ancient civilizations, being very interesting and entertaining for everyone. Green and blue of nature! Enviable colors that we can enjoy by renting a Jávea boat without a license.

To navigate our boats you do not need experience or a license, just a great desire to learn and enjoy a unique experience surrounded by nature that Jávea offers us. Renting a boat in Jávea without a license is possible, just trust us and we will show you the best of the sea.

When they are boats with a length of 4.80 m and a 15hp engine, they can be rented without a license, without sailing experience and without wanting to be bored, because Jávea will never allow you to lose its maximum moments of entertainment for you and all the family.

Motor boats

The motor boats in Javea will allow you to reach incredible places, access to the tourist sites of Jávea will leave you stunned by so much beauty, so much so that you will not know where to go first, we advise you to go to all the beautiful places in Jávea, do not miss a single just detail!

With just a couple of clicks you can rent a motor boat in Jávea, enjoy our wide range of boats, we want to show you the best of Jávea, will you allow us? You will not regret. Aboat trip to Jáveatranslates into: sand, sun, sea, food and relaxation, an equation that is very easy to solve, nothing that Jávea cannot offer!

If you prefer hiking, you can visit the Montgó Natural Park, the Portitxol Bay and the Granadella Forest Park, create your own route with the help of the inhabitants and enjoy nature to the fullest.

no captain

It is important to note that to rent aboat in Jávea without a skipper you will need a license for the type of boat you want to rent. If you have any other questions, you can contact us without inconvenience. Our advice will be totally personalized and unique, as well as your next visit to Jávea by boat.

Now, if you don’t have a license you can rent a boat with a skipper in Jáveaand not lose a single detail of the infinite sea. We are the best option to rent boats without skipper in Jávea! You doubt it? Our offers and popularity are maintained thanks to our incredible service.

Excursions in Jávea have never been so fun and enjoyable. We will be your accomplices in theboat rental in Jávea and we will see how happy you are in such a beautiful and magical place. You cannot miss the sunsets at Santa Lucía beach.

Boat rental for bachelor or bachelorette in Jávea

Bachelorette should be special, magical, with friends, music and drinks, I have a great option for you! The boat rental for a bachelor party in Jávea is a unique idea to celebrate that unique day. Is it your bachelorette party and you don’t know what to do? Don’t think about it anymore, Jávea calls you to have fun.

We have everything you need to make your dream bachelor party a reality. If you prefer to relax with the waves of the sea, go hiking, try delicious food and learn on your last day of singleness, renting a boat in Jávea is the solution.

Rent a boat in Jávea

Have you already made a decision? Excellent, we knew that you could not resist an unforgettable walk through Jávea. We want you to have a unique experience like all the clients who have lived an inexplicable moment in Jávea. Renting a boat in Jávea is an incredible idea, you should not hesitate.

Jávea is waiting for you, rent a boat to discover every corner of its beautiful beaches. Making a navigation route through the Balearic Islands is an adventure that you cannot miss. Rent a boat in Jávea! We adapt to your needs, in addition, to your plans for this beautiful place.

Good gastronomy and beach! What more can we wish for? Your relaxation is guaranteed. Rent a boat in Jávea.

Per hours

When we say that we adapt to your needs we mean it very seriously. You can rent a boat in Jávea for hours, discover our interesting offers to rent a boat for just hours, a unique experience! Time stops when you see the beautiful beaches, don’t worry about the clock.

Enjoy your beautiful trip! If you have a small route and you are passing through Jávea, but you want to travel by boat, we have the solution for you. Renting a boat in Jávea per hours has great offers and satisfactions from this beautiful place.

One day boat rental

Are you passing through Jávea? Don’t you have anything planned? Don’t worry, we already have your perfect plan. Renting a boat in Jávea for a day will show you the beautiful corners that this magical place has. A magical, unique, relaxing and unforgettable experience, so that you can continue your journey in Spain with the best attitude.

With Boramar you don’t need a plan, we have more than 15 years of experience renting boats in Jávea and offering the best of the sea. Jávea pronounces your name, its waves and its sand want to feel your happiness. Let’s go to Jávea!

Reasons for renting a catamaran in Jávea

Jávea is a town in the Autonomous Community of Valencia and one of its greatest attractions is having the most beautiful beaches in Alicante. One of the best ways to experience a visit to this city is by renting a catamaran to get to know the coasts or to hold a celebration on these unique boats that today have the most modern services.

There are many reasons to rent a catamaran in Jávea. These are some

  • Space to lie down in the sun: catamarans are boats similar to a yacht, but with a wide-beam space, generally made of translucent or mesh fabric, which allows you to see below the sea and lie down to have a cocktail, read a book or drink Sun.

This is very good news for sun lovers or sunlovers. This characteristic that catamarans present always guarantees a rest area in the sun and at all times.

  • If you want to escape the cold and the winter routine, you can rent a catamaran in the Mediterranean. Thus there is no possibility of depriving yourself of a tan and of disconnecting completely. Of course, you have to use sunscreen that is respectful with the environment and does not cause damage to marine flora and fauna.
  • Explore the coasts and beaches: these boats are usually rented with charter operators to visit beautiful places on the coast of Alicante. As they are boats with a shallow hull, you can reach the beaches without any problem.

This own and unique peculiarity of this type of boats is mainly important in protected coastal areas, since they do not cause damage to corals, flora, fauna, mangroves, or any other ecosystem.

Catamarans can also reach places that yachts do not have access to and, therefore, they can dock in many places to enjoy a dream vacation.

This makes them the perfect boats to explore and get to know beautiful, exotic and remote places, inaccessible to other types of boats.

  • Affordable Price: Since catamaran chartering has become very competitive, companies make their best deals, which are generally much cheaper than yachts.

catamarans can cost up to half of what it costs to rent a yacht and it has exactly the same comforts and provides the life experience that is required to be outdoors between the sea and the sky with the sea breeze and its delicious smell gently hitting the cheeks.

Where to hire a catamaran rental in Jávea

There are several companies that rent catamarans in Jávea You just have to go online and choose one. It is advisable to go to the web pages of various companies and request a quote for the dates on which you want your vacation.

It is advisable to do it at least a month in advance to make sure you find a boat. Lots of people are doing the exact same thing and the number of catamarans is not infinite.

Catamaran rental price in Jávea

The prices of renting a catamaran vary according to the type of boat, the weather and the services. These are the recommendations for renting a catamaran:

  • The type of tour: there are catamaran excursions to various points of the Alicante coast starting from Jávea. The companies offer varied plans of one day, two days, one week and tours for all tastes and budgets All this must be taken into account.
  • Size: It is not the same to rent a catamaran for a family of 4 or 5 people than to rent one for 10 or 12 friends or relatives, there are catamarans with more or less cabins and cabins to satisfy all needs. Obviously, this influences the price so that the accounts must be drawn up to divide the expenses or take the pertinent budgetary precautions.
  • what to take Any trip on boats of any nature, be it a yacht, catamaran or cruise, requires documentation, appropriate clothing and footwear (non-slip) for day and night (they are usually cool), sunscreen, caps or hats, flashlights or lamps rechargeable batteries and a first aid kit with the essentials. Of course, food and drink must be planned for the days that the rental lasts and the people on board.
  • Entertainment: this will depend on what you want to achieve when renting the catamaran. If it is for a party, be careful and bring food, drinks, music, karaoke and more. But, if you want to rest and disconnect, food, soft music, books and the desire to live the experience are enough.
  • The price: there are small and large catamarans, there are some with food and drink service and without them, there are some for just one day or for two weeks. All this influences, of course, the total price. In any case, the average price in low season is around 450-500 euros, while in high season it is 550-600 euros per day.

Catamaran ride in Jávea: What is it like and what does it include?

The catamaran rides along the coast and starting from Jávea are many and with multiple services that range from just renting the boat to food, drinks, a DJ to entertain parties and all the catering service and expert guides.

Likewise, there are small walks of 3 or 4 hours with a meal and a standard tour of the most emblematic places. Otros pueden incluir barbacoas y snorkel. La comida suele ser a base de carne de res, pollo y cerdo en barbacoa con ensalada, pan y fruta.

También se ofrecen menús vegetarianos y veganos, además de bebidas como cervezas, vinos y sangrías.

Of course, the routes also vary and there are several plans that include visits to the Montgó Natural Park, where you can take the best photographs of a truly wonderful natural landscape that includes mountains, coasts, lavender fields and magnificent views of the coast.

Likewise, there are catamarans that take tourists to the Capo de San Antonio, a picturesque lighthouse from which there is a sublime view of the sea. A walk along the pristine beaches of Alicante’s Costa Blanca should not be missed, where the crystal clear waters invite you to take a dip. What you have to do is book in advance so you don’t miss out on this adventure.